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Voorjaarsveiling 2017
Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003)

'Moon Series A-F'

all signed and dated '65 in pen (lower right)

series of 6 lithographs in colours, numbered resp. 8/70, 8/70,14/70, 17/70, 24/70 and 15/70, each 50x64 cm

Lynn Chadwick was part of the Post-War generation of British sculptors known for their dramatic, welded iron works that combined often figurative subjects with expressionistic abstraction. Chadwick’s process was akin to 'drawing in space', using iron rods to build frameworks of juxtaposed polyhedrons, and later filling them in with a mixture of iron filings and plaster that could be smoothed, scored, or left with a roughly textured finish. Simplicity of form, it seems, was a way for Chadwick to explore diversity. He designed hundreds of maquettes and fully realized pieces, all along the same lines - literally - yet each has its own unique captivating embodiment.

Chadwick's 'Moon Series' is an excellent example of his ability to translate his sculptural moon themes into two dimensional poetry.

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