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Winter Auction: Home & Interiors: Antique Furniture & Design, Ceramics & Decorative Art | 15 December 2022
Cris Agterberg (1883-1948)

Female nude, ca. 1920-35

The life-sized figure sitting on a pedestal, wearing a headband, and holding her right hand in front of her mouth. Possibly symbolising the idea of 'Thought' or 'Philosophy'. Signed with the artist's signature 'Cris Agterberg' to one side of the pedestal.

Made from metallised and painted concrete. The technique was first patented in 1916, and was presented to the public in the form of a garden pavilion at the Second Trade Fair (Tweede Jaarbeurs) in Utrecht in 1917. The interior of this building by architect Jan Gratama was designed by Agterberg. During the following years, Agterberg would experiment with the new technique by making small-scale figures. However, we do know that he made larger concrete models in the 1920s and 1930s, some smooth and stylised, and others more realistic and almost classical.

133x50x67 cm

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