Lot 2523
Winter Auction: Arts of the East: Asian Ceramics & Works of Art | 14 December 2022
A large Transitional blue and white wine ewer

Transitional period, ca. 1640-50, China

This model is sometimes refered to as a wine ewer (for drinking warm rice wine as was the practise in China), but sometimes also called a teapot (for holding warm water to dilute strong tea). It is thought that in Europe these would have had no practical function as these pots arrived before tea drinking had become a general custom so they would have been considered an ornamental luxury good. On this pot one side shows a curious 'capricorn' or sea goat (a mythical beast with a goat's head and fish tail). The other side depicts a dragon. The angular arch-handle and spout are decorated with small scattered clouds. The shoulder and top edge as well as the lid show various florals including a band of stylized lotus flowers. Not marked.

H 24.5 cm, L 20 cm

Good condition. An old chip on the unglazed inside underside of the lid (see photo). No other chips or hairlines and no restoration. A few manufacturing and glaze flaws/irregularities.

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Hamerprijs: € 14.000