Lot 61
Indonesian Art Auction | 24 November 2022
Ida Bagus Made Togog (1913-1989)

A jungle with various trees and animals, among which an elephant jumping down

signed and annotated 'ID. BGS. MD. / Togog..Batuan' (lower centre)

tempera, mounted on board, 64x48,5 cm

Provenance: -Collection Dr Hedi Hinzler, Leiden, the Netherlands.

A signed painting from the artist Ida Bagus Made from Batuan, in Gianyar. This painting depicts a jungle with various trees and animals. Monkeys, birds, snakes, frogs and an elephant jumping down. It is possible that a Tantri story has been depicted, but so far no link to such a story has been found.

Ida Bagus Made Togog (circa 1913 - 1989) was the favorite painter of the legendary anthropologists Bateson and Mead. During their field research in Bali from 1936 to 1937, they collected many black and white drawings, most of which were commissioned to depict Balinese dreams: an attempt to uncover the subconscious Balinese psyche, fears, and angst. Although, during the Pitamaha period (circa 1936 - 1942), Togog had begun working with color, it was not until the mid to late 1940s, that Togog painted in colour regularly.

Presented here are six postwar paintings by Ida Bagus Togog. They originated from a single collection developed during the late 1940s to 1970s. All of them are coloured except for one large painting in black and white (lot 68). Four of the six paintings (Lots 61,62,64 and 66) are based on the Tantric (fable) stories. One large work depicts a cremation ceremony (lot 63). Another work (lot 65) is probably taken from the old Javanese story about the churning of the Mountain Mandaragiri to obtain an elixir liquid: both the gods and the inhabitants of the underworld work together in the search of immortality.

The most interesting piece of the six works by Ida Bagus Made Togog is a large (88x137cm) black and white composition (lot 66). It tells the story of a herron pretending to be a high priest (Pendada Baka) in order to trick the fish, but instead they meet their fate in the mouth of the heron.

Peter Soemantri Widagdo

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