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Indonesian Art Auction | 24 November 2022
Ida Bagus Made Togog (1913-1989)

A variation of the old Javanese Adiparwa story with demon Leyak, the god Indra and a snake

with name 'Ida Bagus Made Togog' (written on an old label on the reverse)

tempera on board, 78x47 cm

Provenance: -Collection Dr. Hedi Hinzler, Leiden, the Netherlands.

A snake story in a forest. This is a variation of the old Javanese Adiparwa story about churning the ocean to obtain the immortality potion. In the centre a female demon, Leyak, above her a tree and on the top the god Indra in meditation position. A snake's body is wound around the tree with Leyak. The head is on the left. There are demons pulling, right, people of the 'good' party are pulling at the tail. The snake could represent Basuki. A horse can be seen in the top left, in the centre front a divine creature is seated, in a woman's seat. During the churning, the goddess Laksmi, on horseback, also appeared. She could represent Laksmi.

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