Lot 122
Indonesian Art Auction | 24 November 2022
Nimdpastini (circa 1945-1991)

Women getting water in the monkey forest

signed 'Nimdpastini.' (lower left); annotated 'Pengosekan Ubud Bali.' (lower centre)

oil on canvas, mounted on board, 66,5x40,5 cm

Provenance: -Collection Dr Hedi Hinzler, Leiden, the Netherlands.

The colour blue predominates in this painting. We see a landscape with trees, water, and on the left a stone staircase to a shrine with three roofs at the top. In the trees are a large number of small monkeys, and on the right some birds. In the foreground on the right a body of water. Along the side on a rock sits a naked woman. Behind her a large water pot. Two women are each working on a pot, which has probably just been filled with water. To their left stands a naked woman who lifts a long stick behind her back with both arms. In front of the woman on the left is a small, thin girl. In the distance two women walk with a water pot on their heads. The women who are busy with the pots wear, as was customary in the past, only a kain and a slendang over the shoulders or around the waist, not yet a blouse.

Ni Made Pastini (circa 1945 – 1991) was the daughter of I Wayan Gedot (c. 1920 – 2000), a noted painter of the Pengosekan School. Pastini is a rare example of a Balinese woman having a career as a painter. Pastini married I Ketut Gelgel (born circa 1945) who was the only other student of her father, and it was this marriage that made her career as a painter possible. Pastini and Gelgel met during their studies at the studio of her father.

The work offered in this auction depicts a typical female activity in Bali. The women bathe in the river, and on the way home, carry a clay jug of water for their household. Pastini’s mastery of picture and colour composition surpassed her husband’s. Her placement of a tall coconut tree at the center is quite daring. The rhythmic placement of the women at the bottom of the painting is balanced by the sinuous placement of the monkeys at the top. The dynamic duet between the women and the monkeys shows the mastery of composition that she learned from her father. Unfortunately, Pastini died quite young and only a handful of her works are known, making this lot a rare opportunity!

We thank Dr. Hedi Hinzler and Peter Soemantri Widagdo for sharing their knowledge on Pastini with us.

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