Lot 3004
Winter Auction: Arts of the East: Asian Ceramics & Works of Art | 14 December 2022
An exceptional and monumental Japanese bronze okimono

Late 19th century, Japan

An elephant with a raised trunk being attacked by three tigers. Standing on a wooden base. Marked with Japanese characters in the bronze, the text was translated in 1934 by R.H. van Gulik as "The Great Empire Japan Yokohama, studio Tsunoha Taka-chika". This large figure was exhibited in the central hall of the 'Tropenmuseum ' in Amsterdam from 1934 until 1983 and was damaged during WWII by the nazi occupier (later restored).

The bronze figure: H ca. 110 cm. The wooden base: L 165 cm, W 70 cm, H 23.5 cm

Old damage to the tusks that was restored. General wear from age.

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Hamerprijs: € 18.000