Lot 110
Indonesian Art Auction | 24 November 2022
I Ketut Budiana (1950)

'Bhuta and Bhuti', dancing in the underworld

annotated (partly indistinctly) 'Sanggingan / Ubud' (lower left)

ink and pencil on paper, 26x36,5 cm

-ArtGallery Naga Mas, Ubud, where acquired by the present owner around 2002/2003.

The title of the work is given by the artist. Bhuta and Bhuti are male and female underworld monsters. The work can be dated circa 1980.

I Ketut Budiana (b. 1950) is known for his Balinese surrealistic paintings. His works are collected by museums around the world, and he is particularly popular and well appreciated in Japan. In his paintings, characters of Balinese mythology come alive amidst smoky clouds of incense burned during temple ceremonies. The fight between Good and Evil is central in all three of these works presented here.

Two small works on paper dated from the early 1980s: Lot 110 tells the story of Bhuta (male) and Bhuti (female) dancing and frolicking in the underworld, clouds of smoke and flames framing the circular composition. Lot 111 depicts Banaspati, the all-powerful black magic practitioners usually associated with fire balls and horned, red skinned monsters. In this drawing, an elderly man and a frightened boy ride the mythical Barong as they fight against two banaspati (one hovering above them and another at the bottom left). The Barong is meticulously drawn and framed by clouds of smoke which help to create the surrealistic mood.

The third work (Lot 112), dated 2011, is a large composition on canvas which is dominated by clouds of smoke and the central figure of the white monkey, Hanuman. Hanuman wears a gold crown and ornaments on his arm, wrist and ankle and a black and white sarong around his waist. He is depicted as riding the tree-of-life Kayon (usually used in wayang puppet performances). The tip of the Kayon leads the viewer to the Banaspati hiding in the left corner.

Peter Soemantri Widagdo

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