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A Daunian kyathos

Ca. 550 – 450 BC, northern Apulia, Italy

A ‘kyathos’ with shallow bowl and looped handle surmounted by a stylised animal head with applied disc eyes, painted with umber and red geometric designs. The ‘kyathos’ is thought to have been used as a ladle for dipping diluted wine from a larger wine mixing bowl.

H (handle) 11,3 cm. Diameter of rim 13,1 cm. H (bowl) 4 cm

Provenance: -Collection of Art Historian Prof. Dr. Albert Blankert, The Hague. Purchased from Cahn, Basel, 2005

Cf. Metropolitan Museum of Art NY, accession number: 65.11.8 ; Bonhams London, Antiquities auction, 3 July 2019, Lot 20.

Handle broken and reattached. Left half of animal head with eye missing.

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