Lot 156
Old Masters, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 18 May 2022
Isaac Israels (1865-1934)

'Carrousel à Montmartre, Paris'

signed 'Isaac/Israels' (lower right)

oil on canvas, 62,5x72,5 cm
Painted circa 1903-1905.

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-Laren, Singer Museum (3 July-12 September 1965)/ Enschede, RijksmuseumTwenthe (19 September-17 October 1965), ‘Isaac Israels, de schilder, een eeuw na zijn geboorte’, no. 34 (Collection D.C. den Haan).

-Singer Museum, 'Isaac Israels, de schilder, 1865-1934, een eeuw na zijn geboorte', Laren 1965, ill. no. 32.
-Anna Wagner, ‘Isaac Israels’, Rotterdam 1967, ill. p. 25 (Collection D.C. Den Haan, Leiden).
-Anna Wagner, ‘Isaac Israels’, Venlo 1985, ill. p. 67, no. 65.

-With Kunsthandel François Buffa, Amsterdam, 1915, inv. no. 5535.
-Collection J.M.P. Glerum, Amsterdam, 11 November 1915, inv. no. A 38; His auction, Mak van Waay, Amsterdam, 26 September 1933, lot 108 (Sold for: 160 Dfl.).
-Acquired from the above by Kunsthandel G.J. Nieuwenhuizen Segaar, The Hague, 1933.
-Collection D.C. den Haan, Leiden, by 1965-1967.
-With Kunsthandel Ivo Bouwman, The Hague.
-Property of a collector.

During the fin-du-siècle, Paris was to be considered the cultural heart of Europe. From the late 1870s onwards, the young Isaac Israels, accompanied by his family, visited the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris every year. This was the start of Isaac Israels’ art education. It came as no surprise when in 1903, Israels left Amsterdam and permanently moved to the French capital, where he lived for the next ten years.

Paris was a great source of inspiration for the Dutch impressionist Isaac Israels. He found subjects for his paintings and drawings in the Parisian street life with its numerous cafés and the nightlife with its cabarets and café-dansants, but also the focused seamstresses in fashion ateliers, the races at Longchamp or the Bois de Boulogne. Besides these subjects, he found inspiration by looking down at Montmartre from his studio window.

The present lot 'Carrousel à Montmartre, Paris' is an exemplary work from this period. Painted between 1903 and 1905, this painting depicts a carousel in Montmartre, in which the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the spinning carousel and the crowd gathering around for a chance to ride. Twice a year, Montmartre hosted a large funfair. Isaac and his fellow painters were drawn to the bustling atmosphere of the fair and soaked up the energy of the festivities. The fair was mainly a celebration for the common people, but the Parisian bourgeoisie did not pass on the opportunity of a sweet carousel ride.

In the present lot, Israels paints with energetic brushstrokes and executes his figures in a swift movement, without sliding into compositional chaos. This painting is rhythmic like the turns of the carousel and the festive atmosphere is rendered with a varied palette with splendid colour accents. Although this work can be considered very French by Dutch standards, the colours used in this work are considerably darker than most of his French impressionist contemporaries. The present lot is a beautiful representation of Isaac Israels’ Parisian style, which may be considered to be the finest of his career.

Saskia de Bodt, Jeroen Kapelle a.o., ‘Isaac Israels: Hollands Impressionist’, Schiedam 1999.

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