Lot 23
Old Masters, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 18 May 2022
Aleida Wolfsen (1648-1692)

A portrait of a noble lady holding a shell

indistinctly signed and dated (centre right)

oil on canvas, 52x43 cm

-Auction, Christie's, Amsterdam, 13 November 1990, lot 21.

Aleida Wolfsen (1648-1692) was born in Zwolle as the daughter of Hendrick Wolfsen (1615-1684), the Burgomaster of Zwolle. She is believed to be a pupil and personal friend of the celebrated artist Caspar Netscher (1635/6-1684). The fact that she gave birth to fifteen children didn’t prevent her from living a fruitful artistic life. Wolfsen is registered alternately in her native city and The Hague, were she painted in 1674 the portrait of William III of Orange (1650-1702). A combination of her descent and talent earned her many commissions within the notable circles of the Dutch Republic, especially from women. The present lot is a fine example of Wolfsen's ability to depict women, dressed in the latest fashion, in a garden decorated with rocks, fountains and statues.

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Hamerprijs: € 5.000