Lot 45
Post-War & Contemporary Art | 20 October 2021
Joost Baljeu (1925-1991)


polychrome steel, 61x95x61 cm

Executed in 1990.

Acquired from Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam, by the present owner.

This lot is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Corma Baljeu.

Joost Baljeu (1925-1991)

From the 1950s onwards, Joost Baljeu was increasingly inspired by constructivist art movements from before the Second World War. In Paris, Baljeu met the twenty-six year older artist Jean Gorin, who had become friends with Mondrian from 1926 and had become loyal to Neo-Plasticism. In 1954 Baljeu made his first geometric abstraction, it was the British artist Anthony Hill who persuaded him to do so. Baljeu founded the magazine STRUCTURE in 1958. The artists Charles Biederman, Carlos Cairoli, Ad Dekkers, Jean Gorin, Anthony Hill, Carel Visser and Gillian Wise were all involved in the magazine, which was based on the principles and ideas of the Bauhaus and de Stijl. However, the artists went one step further and started to create three-dimensional and architectural works, in the form of sculptures and wall reliefs. In 1962, Willem Sandberg, then curator of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, organised the travelling exhibition 'Experiment in Construction', in which many of the artists of the STRUCTURE magazine participated. The exhibition, which was not only shown at the Stedelijk Museum but travelled to other important museums in Europe, brought fame and multiple events for the artist group. Besides working with the artists of the magazine, Baljeu has worked a lot with architect Dick van Woerkom. The maquettes and projects they created were based on Theo van Doesburg's ideas on the integration of architecture and fine arts. Baljeu would always remain interested in architecture and urban planning. In the work F26 from 1990, this influence of architecture is also clearly visible through the play with construction and surfaces.

(De stijl reSTRUCTUREd. Domitille d’Orgeval, ed. Paul van Rosmalen and James Mayor. Amsterdam: BorzoGallery and London: The Mayor Gallery.)

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