Lot 140
Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 18 November 2021
Wijnand Nuijen (1813-1839)

A stranded ship on the coast

signed and dated 'WJJ Nuyen. f 1836-' (lower right)

oil on panel, 30x42 cm

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-Collection J. Blaauboer, Amsterdam.
-Auction, Mak van Waay, Amsterdam, 1 May 1951, lot 56.
-Collection Mr. Bas de Geus van den Heuvel (1886-1976), Nieuwersluis, by 1951-1976; His auction, Sotheby's Mak van Waay, Amsterdam, 26 April 1976, lot 157.
-With Kunsthandel Pieter A. Scheen, The Hague.

Please compare the present lot to a drawing by the artist with the same composition in the collection of the Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België in Brussels, inv. no. 2730 (see: John Sillevis, Nini Jonker, 'Wijnand Nuyen, 1813-1839: Romantische werken', The Hague 1977, ill. p. 106, no. 90).

The international appearance of Nuijen’s oeuvre is remarkable and very exceptional in comparison to his Dutch colleagues. Most Dutch romantics focused on landscape art in the Low Countries, and maybe undertook the occasional journey to Germany or Belgium. Nuijen however looked beyond the borders and focused his gaze mainly towards the rapid developments of landscape art in France. His art does not necessarily need to reflect nature as realistic as possible, but often has a fantastical character.

Of all the French painters, Nuijen’s work is most comparable to the oeuvre of Eugène Isabey (1803-1886). This well-known artist devoted a great part of his life to painting coastal scenes in Normandy, and he was, along with Eugène Lepoittevin (1806-1870) and Théodore Gudin (1802-1880), the most important French painter of seascapes. The influence of Isabey spread throughout Europe using lithographs after his compositions. Nuijen even made various sketches after these prints, stressing the importance of this artist on the career of Nuijen.

The present lot, with the stranded boat, refers to this French approach of painting coastal scenes. The dramatic aspect of the composition shows the undeniable talent of Wijnand Nuijen, the boy wonder of Dutch romantic art. Instead of the temperate and fussy character of most of the paintings of his Dutch peers, Nuijen’s brushstrokes seem to sweep over the panel, covering the composition with a vivacious layer. At the same time, the painting radiates the atmosphere of a windy day at the beach, further dramatizing the peril of the boat being stuck in the sand.

At the age of 26, Wijnand Nuijen died as one of the most talented artists of the country. Nuijen left a selective but very qualitative oeuvre. This painting has a huge pedigree and was clearly well coveted in the twentieth century. It remained in the prestigious collection of Bas de Geus van den Heuvel for more than 25 years and was then sold by Pieter A. Scheen to the family of the present owners. It is an honour to auction such a beautiful and rare masterpiece.

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