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Photography | 24 October 2021
Hans van Manen (1932)


gelatin silver print, unframed, image 22x22 cm, full sheet 28x23.5 cm

Hans van Manen: ‘’I want clarity. I hate decoration, everything has to be functional.’’

In the international dance world Hans van Manen, choreographer, is known for his infinite creativity and constant quality. In his career as a choreographer, Van Manen has produced more than 125 choreographies. Moreover, he is also a gifted photographer, with the human body as his main theme. His work is exhibited over the whole world. The Venduehuis is proud to be able to offer an extensive collection of his photographs at this auction. Van Manen told fellow photographer Maarten Slagboom: “Jean-Paul Vroom said: you have no talent for drawing, so use a camera. You know everything about composition. He forced me to buy a camera and I succeeded when those semi-automatic ones came along. I started with slides - holiday snaps. Very soon I switched to nudity, the human body. I am interested in spectatorship, application. Not in designs. The actors who pose for me stand ‘still for a moment’. In the foreword to my photo book ‘Portrait’, Willem-Jan Otten made a remark that was very important to me. He wrote ‘with Van Manen you always must do something – perform’. He himself was on the edge of his seat at one point; if you sit like that, you really must restrain yourself, so that became characteristic for him. I said: ‘further forward, even more’. He replied: ‘I am about to fall’. At that very moment I took the photo which underlines his point exactly. When a body makes an effort, it becomes sexy. I haven’t taken photos in a while. Of course, I don’t make a living by it either. I am not a full-time photographer. I wouldn’t put myself on a level with Erwin Olaf. He was influenced by my work, yes - but I was also influenced by his. And by Robert Mapplethorpe. I can’t wish for anything better than to be influenced by them. Robert bought photos of tulips from me; we really valued each other’s work. He probably left my photos behind; I was not mentioned in the catalogue of photos sold after his death. He was a friend, a very special person. I had known him since the early 1970s. I learned a lot about lighting from Robert and which I literally copied. Fantastic people never have secrets. I can’t shoot like him anyway. I once said that I wanted to photograph men like women in American sex magazines. Pure emancipation. I stopped taking pictures like that because I thought: everyone can do that now; you see it so often. (Maarten Slagboom, interview series ‘ Mens & Gevoelens: Hans van Manen')

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