Lot 542
Indonesian Art Online | 9 September 2021
Freerk 'Fré' Johannes Drost (1907-1987)

I. The wife of Ali Mandoer
II. A portrait of Emmy
III. A seated Indonesian woman

both paintings signed in initial and dated 'D / '49 ' (upper right), one titled 'Emmy' (upper left); drawing signed and dated 'Drost / '47 '

oil on canvas, resp. 60x35 cm and 50x40 cm; drawing, unframed, 50x39 cm

-Stichting Vrienden van de Kunstenaar Fré J. Drost. -Private Collection, the Netherlands.

Ali Mandoer was the 'djongos' of Fré Drost. This lot is accompanied with a portrait of 'Emmy' and a drawing of a Indonesian woman.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing vanaf een hamerprijs van € 2400.

€ 400,00
€ 600,00
€ 300,00

Hamerprijs: € 300