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Indonesian Art Sale | 8 September 2021
Freerk 'Fré' Johannes Drost (1907-1987)

Balinese girls with a red hibiscus flower

signed with initial, dated and annotated 'D'48 / Bali' (upper left)

oil on canvas, 40x40 cm

-Stichting Vrienden van de Kunstenaar Fré J. Drost.
-Private collection, the Netherlands.

From July 1946 to July 1950, Fré Drost (1907–1987) worked in Indonesia as part of the military. Due to his teaching degree and his experience working for the marketing company Lintas, he was appointed to the ‘Dienst voor Legercontacten’ (Service for Army Contacts), which included the army’s information service. The primary aims were to ‘develop and expand the soldier’s view’ without being overly prescriptive and teaching him the spiritual values which formed the foundation of the army’s mission with regards to the country and the people. In Drost’s words, this meant ‘aligning with the deeply rooted values of the [Indonesian] people’. In his leisure time, Fré Drost drew and painted. In his diary, he wrote about this: ‘Indonesia has yielded a wealth of drawing and paintings, many of which will continue to remind me of a stunning country with good, beautiful people.’

Drost was successful in his task of educating the military. In late 1947, he was promoted to Major and deputy head of the Service at Jakarta. In July 1950, the information service in Indonesia was ended and Drost returned to the Netherlands.


  • Harry Tijssen, Fré J. Drost, grafisch beeldkunstenaar. Van Spijk Art Books, Noord-Veluws Museum 2021.

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