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[BOOK-BINDINGS] – LOT of 10 mainly 19th-cent. English & French (literary) works in 37 vols., for the greater part bound in attractive contemp. (half-)leather bindings (i.a. by the Dutch book-binder A. van Rossum).

With engraved frontispieces. Various sizes, contemp. unif. (half-)morocco/ (half-)calf (28x) & orig. unif. cloth. – Added: 2 rare early 19th-cent. Dutch translations (bound into 1 vol.) of works by the German scholar G.I. WENZEL (“Nieuwe Ontdekkingen omtrent de Spraak der Dieren, [..]”/ “De Liefde in het Dieren-Ryk, [..]”. Amsterdam, Van Vliet [a.o.], ca. 1803).

¶ I.a.: T. SMOLLETT, “The History of England, from the Revolution to the Death of George the Second [..]. Vol. I-V” (London, Printed by C. Baldwin for Cadell and Davies [a.o.], 1812, 5 vols. Complete set); J. AIKIN, “Annals of the Reign of King George the Third [..]. Vol. I-II” (London, Printed for Longman [a.o.], 1816, 2 vols. Complete set); MOLIÈRE, “Oeuvres [..]. Tome I-VI. [Edited by A. Bret]” (Paris, Tardieu-Denesle, 1821, 6 vols. Complete set); H. WALPOLE, “Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Third. Vol. I-IV. [Edited by D. Le Marchant]” (London, R. Bentley, 1845, 4 vols. Complete set); A. DUMAS, “Le Comte De Monte-Christo. Tome 1-10” (Bruxelles, “Alph. Lebègue et sacré fils”, 1846, 10 parts in 5 vols. Complete set) & S. PEPYS, “The Diary [..]. Vol. I-VIII. [Edited by H.B. Wheatley]” (London, G. Bell and Sons, 1923, 8 vols. Complete set). – A few minor imperfections to several bindings (occ. sl. rubbed/ worn), but nevertheless in good condition.

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