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[AUCTION-SALE & BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUES] – LOT of 178 20th-cent. English book auction-sale catalogues in 191 parts, all publ. by Christie’s or Sotheby’s (between 1937-2007).

With (col.) plates & ills. 4to & large 8vo, orig. (unif.) cloth (6x), orig. (unif.) boards (4x) & orig. (unif.) wrappers. – LOT of 91 20th-cent. English antiquarian bookseller’s catalogues (incl. 3 duplicates) publ. by “E.P. Goldschmidt & Co.” (London, ca. 1932-1989). With ills. Various sizes, 20th-cent. half-rexine (1x) & orig. (unif.) wrappers. – LOT of 30 early 20th-cent. English antiquarian bookseller’s catalogues publ. by “Maggs Bros. (B.D. Maggs & E.U. Maggs)” (London, 1916-1930). With plates. Various sizes, 20th-cent. boards (1x) & orig. (unif.) wrappers. – LOT of ca. 30 late 20th-cent. American antiquarian bookseller’s catalogues publ. by “H.P. Kraus” (New York, ca. 1951-1981). With ills. Various sizes, orig. cloth (1x), orig. boards (4x) & orig. wrappers. – LOT of ca. 800 mainly 20th-cent. English, French & German antiquarian bookseller's catalogues. With (col.) plates & ills. Various sizes, orig. wrappers. – LOT of ca. 370 late 19th-/ (early) 20th-cent. Dutch book auction-sale & antiquarian bookseller’s catalogues (incl. 16 duplicates). With (col.) plates & ills. Various sizes, orig. half-cloth (1x) & orig. wrappers. – Added: 18 odd issues of the Dutch periodical “De Boekenwereld. Tijdschrift voor boek & prent” (1993-2017), i.a. “Geboekt in jaargangen. Anderhalve eeuw boekentijdschriften in Nederland” (1994) & “Zeerovers. Uitgeverij en Boekhandel Van Gennep” (2009).

¶ Ad 1: Interesting collection including famous auction-sales of important book collections (partly with results & names of buyers loosely inserted), i.a. “The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books and Manuscripts. Part I-VII” (1978-1981, 7 vols. Complete set); “The Collection of Otto Schäfer. Part I: Italian Books/ Part II: Parisian Books/ Part III: Illustrated Books and Historical Bindings/ Part IV: the Hans Fürstenburg Collection of Eighteenth-Century French Books [..]” (1994-1995, 4 vols.); “Bibliothèque Marcel Jeanson. Première Partie: Chasse/ Deuxième Partie: Ornithologie” (1987-1988, 2 vols.); “The Estelle Doheny Collection [..]. Part II: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts/ Part VI: Printed Books and Manuscripts concerning William Morris and his Circle” (1987-1989, 2 vols.); “Treasures of a World Traveller. The Boudewijn Büch Collection” (2004); “Collection littéraire Pierre Leroy. Grands écrivains surréalistes et de l’après-guerre” (2002); “The Library of Abel E. Berland. Part I: Important English Literature, Science and Philosophy/ Part II: English Literature and Fine Incunabula” (2001, 2 vols.); “A second selection of printed books mostly from the fifteenth century. The property of Mr J.R. Ritman [..]” (2001); “The Library of Robert Michael Burrell. Books on the Middle East” (1999); “The Library of Sir Karl Popper” (1995); “Catalogue of the highly important Toulouse-Philidor Collection of manuscript and printed music [..]” (1978); “Catalogue of The Celebrated Library The Property of the late Major J.R. Abbey [..]. The Eighth/ Ninth Portion: The Hornby Manuscripts, Part I-II [..]” (1974-1975, 2 vols.) & “Catalogue of a further portion of the well-known library The Property of the Comte de Suzannet [..] comprising the celebrated collection of material concerning Charles Dickens [..]” (1938). – Partly with small imperfections and/or traces of use. ¶ Ad 2: Rare collection comprising catalogues [no.] 28, 33, 37-38, 39 (2x), 41, 44-45, 47, 51, 59, 72, 74, 76, 79, 83-84, 86, 90, 93-94, 97-98, 100, 108-122, 123-139, 141-142, 144-149, 150 (part I-II), 151-154, 159-163, 164 (2x), 165-167, 169, 172, 190 (2x) & “Supplement No. 8-11, 14 & XVIII”. – Partly with small imperfections and/or traces of use. ¶ Ad 3: Rare collection comprising catalogues No. 343, 348, 350, 352, 354, 412-413 (“The Voyages and Discoveries of Early Travellers and Missionaries. Part I. America/ Part II. Australasia, China, Japan, India, Turkey and Africa”, 1921), 417, 422-423, 436-437, 440, 443, 445, 448, 456, 460-461, 463, 477, 508 (“Bibliotheca Nautica. Part I”, 1928), 519 (“Bibliotheca Asiatica et Africana. Part IV”, 1929), 521 (“Bibliotheca Asiatica et Africana. Part V”, 1929), 524, 528-529, 532, 533 (“Bibliotheca Incunabulorum. A Collection of Books from One Hundred Towns [..]. Part I. Austria, Belgium, Czecho-Slovakia, England, and France”, 1930) & 534 (“Bibliotheca Nautica. Part II”, 1930). – Partly with small imperfections and/or traces of use. ¶ Ad 4: Comprising i.a. “The Eightieth Catalogue. Remarkable Manuscripts, Books and Maps from the IXth to the XVIIIth Century [..]” (1956), “Catalogue 85. Distinguished Books and Manuscripts” (1957), “Catalogue 150. Sir Edmund Andros, 1637-1714. Governor of New York [..]” (1978), “Catalogue 152. The Reverend Thomas Bray D.D., 1656-1730. Founder of the American Public Library System [..]” (1978) & “Catalogue 160. Manuscript and Printed Americana [..]” (1981). ¶ Ad 5: Interesting collection comprising catalogues published by i.a. “Ader Picard Tajan” (6x), “Antiquariat Ars Amandi”, “Ars Libri” (6x), “Pierre Berès” (6x), “The Book Block” (12x), “Martin Breslauer” (7x), “Buddenbrooks” (13x), “F. & R. Chamonal” (4x), “Davis & Orioli” (12x), “Hôtel Drouot” (20x), “Antiquariat Erasmushaus” (9x), “Simon Finch” (4x), “Adrian Flühmann”, “Gilhofer & Ranschburg” (25x), “Librairie Giraud-Badin” (6x), “James & Devon Gray Booksellers” (3x), “Robin Halwas”, “Hamburger Antiquariat” (16x), “Lathrop C. Harper” (22x), “Hesketh & Ward” (8x), “Karl W. Hiersemann”, “Jonathan A. Hill” (33x), “Richard von Hünersdorff” (13x), “Interlibrum Vaduz” (7x), “Librairie Paul Jammes”, “Gunnar A. Kaldewey” (4x), “Lame Duck Books”, “Librairie H. Lardanchet” (20x), “Maggs Bros” (22x), “Marlborough Rare Books” (8x), “Martayan Lan” (8x), “Bruce McKittrick” (14x), “Antiquariat Konrad Meuschel” (17x), “Oak Knoll Books” (3x), “Nigel Phillips” (4x), “Pickering & Chatto” (9x), “Phillip J. Pirages” (3x), “Jonathan Potter” (4x), “Bernard Quaritch” (80x), “Librairie Quentin” (14x), “Richard C. Ramer” (6x), “B & L Rootenberg” (2x), “Fritz Roth & Cie”, “Librairie Salet-Soete” (5x), “Sandbergs Bokhandel” (4x), “William H. Schab Gallery” (5x), “Jörg Schäfer” (18x), “Librairie Thomas-Scheler” (3x), “Dietrich Schneider-Henn” (7x), “E.K. Schreiber” (22x), “Hellmut Schumann” (34x), “Shapero Rare Books”, “Librairie Simonson” (7x), “Alain Sinibaldi/ Librairie Henner” (16x), “A. [& C.] Sokol Books” (11x), “Henry Sotheran”, “Eric Speeckaert” (16x), “Nikolaus Struck” (3x), “Stuttgarter Antiquariat” (18x), “Swann Auction Galleries” (27x), “Antiquariat Dr. Helmut Tenner”, “Ursus Rare Books” (2x), “J. Voerster” (2x), “William Patrick Watson” & “Zeitlin & Ver Brugge” (3x). ¶ Ad 6: Comprising i.a. famous auction-sales of important (Dutch) book collections, i.a. “The bibliophile and scholarly library of the late J.B.W. Polak (1928-1992)” (Utrecht, J.L. Beijers, 1993, 2 vols.); “Old & Rare Books. The Library of Bob Luza” (Amsterdam, A.L. van Gendt & Co./ S. Emmering, 1981); “Dutch popular literature. The collection of M. Buisman J.Fz.” (Utrecht, J.L. Beijers, 1972); “The library of Fraeylemaborg (Slochteren, Groningen)” (Utrecht, J.L. Beijers, 1971); “The collection of the late G.H. ’s-Gravesande, inter alia a survey of Dutch literature and fine printing 1890-1960 [..]” (Utrecht, J.L. Beijers, 1966); “BIBLIOTHEQUE – Dr. H. Labouchere. Catalogue de la superbe collection de livres [..]” (Amsterdam, R.W.P. de Vries, 1914); “NEDERLAND IN WOORD EN BEELD. Catalogus van boekwerken, prenten en kaarten betreffende de provincies en gemeenten van Nederland [..]” (Leiden, Burgersdijk & Niermans, 1924); “CATALOGUE de la Bibliothèque linguistique, littéraire et historique de feu M. le Dr. Jan ten Brink [..]” (Leyde, Burgersdijk & Niermans, 1901); “THE WELL-KNOWN COLLECTION of J. de Koning esq. at Leiden [..]” (The Hague, Van Stockum’s Antiquariaat [..], 1975); “COLLECTION de feu M. Tage Bull [..]. Littérature française et anglaise [..]” (Amsterdam, Menno Hertzberger & Co, 1962); “AUCTION-SALE of the important collection of old & newer books mainly on the development of the art of printing of the late H.A. Warmelink [..]” (Amsterdam, Menno Hertzberger, 1960); “[CATALOGUE 202]. Catholic Theology. Part I-III [..]” (Hilversum, Ludwig Rosenthal’s Antiquariaat, ca. 1957, 3 parts. Complete set); “BIBLIOTHÈQUES CHOISIES surtout de M. le Prof. Dr. D.H. Goldschmidt, New York et du bibliophile H.J.F. [..]” (Amsterdam, Menno Hertzberger & Co, 1938) & “ONS VORSTEN-HUIS door de eeuwen in boeken, pamfletten, [..]” (’s-Gravenhage, J.B.J. Kerling [..], 1938). ¶ Ad 6: Interesting collection comprising catalogues published by i.a. “Aioloz” (6x), “Asher Rare Books”, “Antiquariaat J.L. Beijers” (61x), “Burgersdijk & Niermans” (2x), “Forum Antiquarian Booksellers” (8x), “A.L. van Gendt & Co.” (15x), “A. Gerits & Son”, “Internationaal Antiquariaat Menno Hertzberger” (50x), “Antiquariaat Fokas Holthuis” (26x), “A.J. van Huffel’s Antiquariaat (F.W.G. Theonville)” (12x), “Antiquariaat Willem Huijer” (3x), “B.M. Israël Boekhandel en Antiquariaat” (10x), “Nico Israel Rare Books” (5x), “Antiquariaat Junk”, “Antiquariaat Frits Knuf” (4x), “Librairie Meyer Elte” (2x), “Frederik Muller & Cie (Anton W.M. Mensing)” (9x), “Notebaart Antiquarian Booksellers” (22x), “Martinus Nijhoff Librairie Ancienne et Moderne” (6x), “Antiquariaat Papyrus” (16x), “Ludwig Rosenthal’s Antiquariaat” (22x), “Antiquariaat Schuhmacher” (6x), “Smitskamp Oriental Antiquarium” (15x), “Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur” (3x), “J.B.J. Kerling (Van Stockum’s Antiquariaat)”, “Antiquariaat André Swertz” (4x) & “R.W.P. de Vries Libraire-antiquaire” (7x). ¶ Ad 1-6: Partly with small imperfections and/or traces of use.

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