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WENDINGEN. Maandblad voor bouwen en sieren van Architectura et Amicitia. [Edited by H.Th. Wijdeveld]. Jaargang 1-12.

Amsterdam, Uitgevers-M[aat]sch[app]ij “De Hooge Brug” [& Santpoort, C.A. Mees], 1918-1931[=1933]. 115 (of 116) Parts. With num. (tipped-in) (full-p.) ills. Large 4to (ca. 33 x 33 cm.), orig. dec. cloth (1x), orig. dec. lithogr. boards (7x), orig. (dec.) lithogr. wrappers (bound as a block-book) & 20th-cent. half-cloth (orig. lithogr. front-wr. pres.) (1x).

¶ Le Coultre pp. 64-263. Rare almost complete run of this legendary Dutch art periodical edited by the Dutch architect & graphic designer Hendricus Theodorus Wijdeveld (1885-1987) influential by its striking typography as well for the contributions by famous architects and artists, not only from Holland (i.a. Andries Dirk Copier, Willem Hendrik Gispen, Michel de Klerk, Hildo Krop & Jan Toorop), but also from abroad (i.a. Lyonel Feininger, Eileen Gray, El Lissitzky, Frank Lloyd Wright & Ossip Zadkine). The first year was printed in ca. 650 copies only due to the high costs for the special design: the remarkable square format (ca. 33 x 33 cm.), the pages (printed on one side only) & all copies were bound by hand. There are advertisements in “Wendingen” (disliked by the editor Wijdeveld, but he needed the income), only in the limited hardcover edition these advertisements are absent. ¶ Included are the 7 Frank Lloyd Wright-issues (year 7, no. 3-9. Bound without the orig. wrappers into 1 vol.) & the HARDCOVER EDITION of the "Houtsnijdersnummer" (year 2, no. 7-8. Foot of spine partly dam./ worn) with the large folding woodcut by C.A. Lion Cachet loosely inserted. Seven issues are published in the limited HARDCOVER EDITION: year 2, no. 7-8 (“Houtsneden”, 1919. Printed in ca. 750 copies); year 4, no. 4-5 (“Werk der afgevaardigde leden van Architectura et Amicitia”, 1921[=1922]. Printed in ca. 250 copies); year 6, no. 2 (“Reisschetsen door architect M. de Klerk”, 1924. Printed in ca. 100 copies); year 7, no. 11-12 (“P.L. Kramer, De Bijenkorf in Den Haag”, 1925[=1926]. Printed in ca. 100 copies); year 8, no. 11 (“Afdeling Gebouwen van Publieke Werken Amsterdam”, 1927[=1928]. Printed in ca. 50 copies); year 10, no. 7 (“Schilderwerk Lyonel Feininger”, 1929[=1930]. Printed in ca. 50 copies) & year 11, no. 11-12 (“Raadhuis Hilversum van W.M. Dudok”, 1930[=1931]. Printed in ca. 50 copies). Two issues are published in the ENGLISH EDITION: year 5, no. 1 (“Glas in lood naar ontwerpen van R.N. Roland Holst”, 1923. Printed in ca. 450 copies) & year 5, no. 2 (“Affiches van Nederlandse kunstenaars”, 1923. Printed in ca. 300 copies) and 1 issue is published in the FRENCH EDITION: year 8, no. 3 (“Het Vlaams Volkstooneel, Joh. de Meester Junior”, 1927. Printed in ca. 250 copies). Ten issues with loosely inserted printed ephemera (“Technisch gedeelte” in year 1, no. 3-5, 8, 10 & year 2, no. 1, 3, 6 (2x); “Bericht aan de leden [..]/ Mededeelingen van het Genootschap” in year 3, no. 1 & 6-7). ¶ Lacks 1 issue (year 4, no. 11: “Frank Lloyd Wright” with the lithogr. wrappers designed by El Lissitzky). With the usual defects to the bindings & wrappers (spines partly rubbed/ worn, covers sl. frayed/ torn in outer margins, wrappers occ. sl. soiled), wrappers of 3 issues (year 2, no. 1; year 3, no. 10 & year 5, no. 8-9) partly damaged, 2 issues (year 6, no. 1 & year 11, no. 11-12 ) ex-library copies, a few issues sl. marg. waterstained, 1 issue (year 3, no. 3-4) with a few dam. advertorial leaves, 2 issues (year 9, no. 6-7 & 9-10) with a few text-leaves cut open, occ. sl. foxed/ browned (partly due to off-setting), but nevertheless an acceptable set in a good interior condition.

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