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Indonesian Art Sale | 8 September 2021
Hendrik Paulides (1892-1967)

'Jonge Javaan uit Solo' / A young Javanese man from Solo

signed with initials, annotated and dated 'HP / Solo / 1929.' (lower right); titled and numbered 'Jonge Javaan uit Solo', and numbered '9' (on the reverse)

pencil on paper, 84x57 cm

-Peter E.M. Hammann, 'Hendrik Paulides, schilder en verteller/pelukis dan dalang/painter and narrator'. Singapore Photo Asia 2013, ill. p. 121. -B. Brommer, K. van Brakel, B. Carpenter, E.J.M. Douwes and R. Spruit, 'The Art of Collecting: East Indies paintings'. Volendam LM Publishers 2019, ill. p. 117, no. 98.

-Utrecht, Centraal Museum, 'Beyond the Dutch', 17 October 2009 - 3 January 2010.

Expressing the beauty of the East Indies in fine art: Although Hendrik Paulides (Utrecht 1892 – Amsterdam 1967) only travelled to the Dutch East Indies twice, in 1922 to Yogyakarta and Surakarta and in 1929 again to Java and also to the isle of Bali, the land and its people along with the Art Deco movement are two main influences in his art. This is evident with his penchant for the East Indies subjects and his rendering of his works in strong graphic undertones of decorative art that makes his works stand out uniquely amongst his peers.

Paulides was inspired by the beauty and grace of Indonesian life, concentrating on subject matters like the elegant movements of dancers or the grace of women laundering in a river. He gradually became aware that the people's physical bearing was inseparably fused with their inner beings.

This drawing on offer of a ‘Young Javanese man from Solo’, created in 1929, shows that Paulides was a powerful draughtsman with a sense of composition and linear rhythm. Combined with the decorative Art Deco-style this has resulted in a most attractive piece of art.

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