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[FINE PRINTING & PRIVATE PRESSES] – LOT of 20 late 19th-/ (early) 20th-cent. English works in 35 vols., mainly printed in a limited edition on handmade paper.

With (wood-engraved) plates & ills. Various sizes, orig. vellum (1x), orig. (half-)morocco (3x) & orig. (unif.) cloth (23x), orig. half-cloth (7x) & orig. wrappers. – And 5 bibliographical pubs., i.a. “QUARTO-MILLENARY. The first 250 publications and the first 25 years 1929-1954 of the Limited Editions Club [..]” (1959. Printed in 2.250 copies).

¶ I.a.: GARCILASO DE LA VEGA, “The Odes and Sonnets [..]. [English transl. by J. Cleugh]” (London, The Aquila Press, 1930. Printed in 260 copies); [PLUTARCH], “The Lives of the Noble Grecians & Romanes compared together [..]. [English transl. by Thomas North]” (London, The Nonesuch Press, 1929-1930, 5 vols. With 56 portraits after T.L. Poulton. Printed in 1.550 copies); “THE HOMERIC HYMN TO APHRODITE. [English transl. by F.L. Lucas]” (London, The Golden Cockerel Press, 1948. With 12 wood-engravings by Mark Severin. Printed in 750 copies); B. JONSON, “Volpone or The Fox. A Comedy [..]” (Oxford, The Limited Editions Club, 1952. With stencil-col. plates after René Ben Sussan. Printed in 1.500 copies. Signed by the illustrator); [M. EYQUEM DE] MONTAIGNE, “Essays [..]. [English transl. by Charles Cotton]. Edited by W.C. Hazlitt” (London, The Navarre Society, 1923, 5 vols. With 5 frontisp.-portraits of Michel de Montaigne & 1 fold. facs. letter); G. BOCCACCIO, “The Decameron. [English transl. by F. Winwar]” (New York, The Limited Editions Club, 1930, 2 vols. Printed in 1.500 copies); “THE SONG OF SONGS which is Solomon’s” (New York, The Heritage Press, 1935. With ills. (partly heightened with GOLD) after Valenti Angelo); “GILGAMESH. KING OF ERECH. [English transl. by F.L. Lucas]” (London, The Golden Cockerel Press, 1948. With 11 wood-engravings by Dorothea Braby. Printed in 500 copies); [C. CIBBER], “An Apology For the Life of Colley Cibber, Comedian, and late Patentee of the Theatre-Royal [..]” (Waltham St. Lawrence, The Golden Cockerel Press, 1925, 2 vols. Printed in 450 copies); L. STERNE, “The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy [..]. Vol. I-III. [&] A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy [..]” (London, The Navarre Society, ca. 1926, 4 vols. With plates after George Cruikshank); W. SHAKESPEARE, “The Sonnets” (London, The Riccardi Press, 1913. Printed in 1.012 copies); J.J. ROUSSEAU, “The Confessions [..]” (1904, 2 vols. With 15 etchings by Ed. Hédouin) & [G.F.] STRAPAROLA, “The [Facetious] Nights. [English transl. by W.G. Waters]” (London, Lawrence and Bullen, 1894, 2 vols. With plates after E.R. Hughes. Printed in 1.000 copies). – Partly with small imperfections and/or traces of use.

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