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A copy of a flag of the French 19th regiment of line infantry, Model 1812, together with a Model 1804 eagle standard

20th century

A tricolore French flag embroidered with two crowns, two eagles and four N’s with laurels on both sides. In the middle of one side the text: ‘L’empereur Napoleon au 19me regiment infanterie de Ligne’, on the other side the battle honour: ‘Wagram’. Golden fringe on all sides. In the blue part is sown a hollow shaft, to shift the flag over a pole. Cords and tassels present.

Together with a copy of a French eagle standard, Model 1804. Brass eagle with open beak and spreaded wings, holding a Jupiter symbol in its claw and standing on a box. The box is attached to a brass shaft, that can be slid over the top of the pole.

The French flag and eagle should ideally be joined.

H 78, W 83 cm, eagle: 18,5 x 23 cm

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€ 600,00

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