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A collection of fine papier maché figures of Napoleon, six of his marshals and two soldiers

Early 20th century

The papier maché statues on wooden consoles, some consoles with a label, indicating name and year of birth and death of the represented figure.

Comprising the figures of Napoleon (with chest); Maréchal Murat (1767-1815), in the uniform of Grand Duke of Berg; Maréchal Ney (1769-1815), in overcoat; Maréchal Berthier (1753-1815), with briefcase; Maréchal Davoust (1770-1823), balding; Maréchal Soult (1769-1851), horizontal hanging sabre; Maréchal Mortier (1768-1830), with low hat on his head; Grenadier of the Imperial Guard, bayonet missing; Adjudant of the 7e Hussar Regiment.

H approx. 22 cm (depending on headware)

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€ 900,00

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