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A purple coat, heavily embroidered with oak leaves

Late 19th/early 20th century, France

Except for its colour, the coat follows the pattern of a state official of the First Empire. White lining, stamped: 'L. Granier Costumier 83 10118' (see lot 8017). The buttons are of the First Empire Model for the Imperial Guard (crowned eagle with spreaded wings, a Jupiter symbol in its claws). 9 buttons on the front, five being stamped: 'Perfectionné Paris', circa 1860-1865. 4 non-stamped buttons on the back. On the faux-pockets on the back 2x2 buttons, non-marked. 2x2 buttons on the turnbacks, marked: 'Paris'.

Including a white vest, late 18th/early 19th century, pink scarf, purple cross belt with brass decorative elements.

Together with a copy of an épée for a staff officer, Model 1852-1855, Second Empire. Wooden grip, coquille with on one side an eagle with spread wings, the claws on a Jupiter symbol and surrounded by olive-branches, the whole against a background of six flags on eagle topped standards. The other side is void. Triangular blade, traces of rust. Length: 74 cm. Blade: 59 cm. Black leather scabbard with brass bouterolle en chape, chape decorated. A hook with a lion's head under a flower (L 77 cm).

H 111 cm (coat)

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