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A blue uniform coat, richly embroidered with oak leaves

Late 19th/early 20th century, France

The coat follows the pattern of a state official of the First Empire. White lining, with stamp: 'L. Granier Costumier 83 10118'. La maison GRANIER (1848-1940) produced costumes on behalf of Parisian theaters. Louis Granier was its director from 1898-1940. The buttons are a mix of the First and Second Empire Imperial Guard model: crowned eagles with spread wings and a Jupiter symbol in its claws. 11 buttons, 2,5 cm. The back of the buttons are marked by a buckled belt, reading: 'Perfectionné, CT', referring to Ch. Travers, owner of the brand Perfectionné from 1864 to 1914, this specific combination in use from 1875-1900. On the pockets three buttons, marked at the back: 'Perfectonné Paris', circa 1860-1865. 1 button without marking, one button with iron back.

Hausse col: Brass, with a plate showing a French coq, one claw on a sphere with the word ‘France’, the other claw on some crossed flags united by a laurel. On the left flag: ‘Liberté’, on the right flag ‘’Ordre Public’. Model Garde National, Monarchie de Juillet.

Together with a copy of a French ceremonial épée with ivory grip, Model Second Empire. Stamp on the blade: '?.L.'. Length: 88 cm. Blade: 74 cm, triangular. On the coquille an eagle with spreaded wings, and a bee on the cap. Black metal scabbard, 81 cm, brass dard and chape. On the chape a hook to attach the scabbard to a belt.

Also including a crowned (laurels, shield with tekst: Montmorillon, 4 July 1937) pedestal, a hausse col, and a red sash.

H 102 cm

A tear at the top of the sleeves.

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