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A copy of a pelisse and dolman with two sashes for a hussar, according to an early 19th-century model

20th century, France

A dark blue pelisse with leopard trimming and golden lace along the cuffs and collars. 18 golden/silvery froggings, with two iron buttons on one side, three on the other. 1 golden pointed lace over the cuffs (quartermaster?). Decorative patterns of golden/silvery lace on the back. 8 buttons at the ends. The red dolman with blue cuffs and collar. Cuffs and collar finished with silver lace. Pointed golden lace from the cuffs in the direction of the elbow (sergeant-major?). 18 froggings, iron buttons, 2 rows on one side, three on the other. Brass hooks and eyes. Red lining, stamps in the white sleeves: 'P-1489-1-M'; '83 SFP Costumes'. SFP is the Société Française de Production et de Créations Audiovisuelles, 1975 -2010. One red sash, with 5 sets of 10 cords, the other sash of 3 sets of 22 cords.

H 72 cm

€ 700,00
€ 900,00