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A copy of yellow pelisse and dolman and red sash for hussar, model first half of the 19th century

Second quarter 20th century, France

Yellow pelisse with black fur cuffs and golden lacing. 18 golden/silvery froggings, with two iron round buttons on one side, three on the other side. 2 sets of pointed golden lacing on each cuff (lieutenant?). Red/pink lining, with labels and stamps: Label: 'Colonel Canari', pen: '48', marking: ' [?]A1268', label: 'J. Faucheux costumier, 62 Rue Mirabeau Angers 13486 108', marking: 'Angers'. Faucheux was a theater costume maker between 1930-1960. In 1966 his 12.500 piece collection was handed to a rental company.

Yellow dolman with light blue cuffs and lacing. Cuffs in gold, light blue and four more golden upward pointed lacing (major?). 18 golden/light blue froggings with brass buttons, two on one side, three on the other. Brass hook-and-eye fasteners. Grey lining, with yellow stitching. Label: 'J. Faucheux costumier, 62 Rue Mirabeau_Angers', stamps: 'A 1282, 14927, Máteriel en [?]'; 'Propriétes'; 'Ques [?]'; 'Ets Faucheux'; 'Angers'. Sash of 7 sets of 17 tricolore cords and four red/golden cords.

H 65 cm

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