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A copy of a French First Empire state officials uniformcoat, Second Empire

Second half 19th century, France

A dark blue uniform coat, heavily decorated with embroidered oak leaves. White lining. Labels on the inside: Unreadable, but also: '06714 – 1E; 216714;-136x; Costume; Chaumont'. Marking on the inside: '83-Granier Costumier; 1496'. La maison GRANIER (1848-1940) produced costumes for Parisian theaters. 7 brass buttons -2,5 cm- on the front, 3 buttons per turnback and four buttons on the back. Buttons decorated with a crowned eagle with spread wings, holding a Jupiter symbol in its claws. First Empire model. Some buttons hold a marking: 'Perfectionné Paris', dating 1860-1865. Together with a black 20th-century cape, embroidered with oak leaves and 23 bees. White cuff with oak leaves. Also including a white shawl and crowned pedestal.

H 104 cm (coat), H 111 cm (cape)

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