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A copy of a French First Empire marshals or generals uniformcoat (petite uniforme)

Late 19th century, France

A dark blue uniform coat, heavily decorated with embroidered oak leaves. 7 flat brass buttons, 2,4 cm, on the front, decorated with a crowned eagle with spreaded wings. The back of the buttons are marked by a buckled belt, reading: 'Perfectionné, CT', referring to Ch. Travers, owner of the brand Perfectionné from 1864 to 1914, this specific combination in use from 1875-1900. Epaulettes with long thin fringes and a round button each, decorated with an anchor and two crossed gun barrels. Black and orange striped lining.

Together with a crowned pedestal and tricolore sash.

H 103 cm (coat excl. mannequin)

Some repairs with bleaked red thread, small damage to the right upper chest.

€ 1.000,00
€ 1.500,00