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A French fire brigade musicians helmet, Model 1852

Second half 19th century, and later

With new red horsehair comb and red plume. Brass cap with neck cover and brass comb. The comb is decorated with leaves and round shapes. On the front of the comb a small hole at the top and a burning grenade at the bottom. On the front of the cap a brass plate with an eagle with spread wings, holding a Jupiter symbol. The eagle is flanked by flags. Underneath the eagle three ribbons, reading: ‘Devouement’, 'Sapeurs’ and ‘Pompiers'. On the visor two crossed axes and some burning barrels, and decorations of branches with leaves. Rosaces decorated with a flaming grenade.

H 28 cm (bottom cap-top comb), total H 41 cm

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€ 800,00

Hamerprijs: € 800