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A copy of a French grenadier officer bearskin shako, Model 1804-1815

20th century

With brown bearskin cap with chin scales, with rosaces decorated with a crowned lion, standing on a crown. Frontplate with a crowned eagle with spread wings, holding Jupiter symbols, against a background of sun rays. Flaming grenades in both lower corners. Cords and tassels of gold thread. Red plume and tricolore rosace. Blue/white striped lining. Labelled: 'Costumier Ch. Vachet, successeur du costumier Fiatfilm, 17 Rue Godier Paris. Tru : 70-85'. Stamped: 'Creation audiovisuelle ...'. Fiatfilm dates from 1939. In 2005, a collection of 1.500 of its objects, including grenadier uniforms, was auctioned.

H 31 cm (bottom frontplate - top cap), total H 41 cm

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Hamerprijs: € 220