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A Dutch engraved Cornucopia House goblet, attr. Jacob Sang

Ca 1760, Netherlands

A superb wine glass, standing on a conical foot and a slender stem which incorporates a ball knob with enclosed air bubbles. The funnel bowl is finely wheel engraved with a Dutch town house topped with a cornucopia and the text ‘t' Welvaaren, Van Deezen Huyze’ which translates as ‘(to) the prosperity of this house’.

D 8,6 cm, H 19,7 cm

Provenance: Property of the Dutch noble family Quarles van Ufford and sold at Bonhams London, 14-11-2018, lot 53. A related goblet which is signed by Jacob Sang is recorded in Anna Lameris’ paper ‘Pur Sang. Een onderzoek naar de kenmerken van de stijl van Jacob Sang aan de hand van zijn gesigneerde glazen', publ. by Het Kunsthistorisch Instituut (Amsterdam) in 1994, page 27 and ill. 1759.3.

Excellent condition; no damage and no restoration.

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