Lot 54
Old Master Paintings, 19th Century & Early Modern Art | 26 May 2021
Otto Eerelman (1839-1926)

'Uit Rijden' / Going for a ride together

signed 'O. Eerelman' (lower left)

oil on canvas, 60x90 cm

As a versatile artist, Eerelman mastered many subjects leaving a legacy of a multidimensional oeuvre. He painted portraits, historical scenes and genre pieces, but is mostly known as one of the leading animal painters of Dutch nineteenth century art. Eerelman’s depictions of Saint-Bernard dogs are immediately recognisable, but also horses play an important role within his oeuvre. He preferred to paint not only the ordinary stable horse, but the more thoroughbred horses. These stallions and mares are often not a subject by itself, but part of a larger composition. Eerelman used his skills of animal painting to integrate them into larger more narrative scenes.

In the present lot we see a noble horse pulling a carriage with a fashionably dressed lady and girl. They are just about to leave the domain of their country mansion, to enjoy a ride in the countryside. A man at the rear of the carriage is carefully checking whether the ride goes smoothly. Eerelman’s clients were often part of the upper- class and nobility, and he even worked for the Dutch Court, depicting Queen Wilhelmina on numerous occasions. His narrative animal scenes were very much appreciated by the well-born Dutch, who all wanted their favourite horse to be painted.

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