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Old Master Paintings, 19th Century & Early Modern Art | 26 May 2021
Isaac Israels (1865-1934)

A day in the Oosterpark, Amsterdam

signed 'Isaac Israels' (lower left)

watercolour on paper, 23,5x48 cm

The watercolour can be compared with an oil painting of the same subject that is illustrated and commented in the edited version of Marius 'Dutch Painters of the 19th Century 'He [Israels] seized on little moments in ordinary life and rendered them with swift colour and charm. In one of these paintings he has given us a glimpse of [...] a father with his children in Amsterdam's Osterpark' .

Source: Geraldine Norman 1973 edited version of G.H. Marius 'Dutch Painters of the 19th Century' (pp.194 and 195).

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