Lot 2666
Arts of the East: Asian Ceramics & Works of Art | 24 June 2021
Diana cargo: a tureen, two platters, a bottle and a jar

The tureen and platters of Chinese export porcelain, decorated in blue and white with a Canton style landscape pattern. Together with a European green glass bottle and a large round stoneware jar. These were recovered from the wreck of a ship named Diana that sank on its way from China to Europe in 1817. The cargo of this ship was sold through Sotheby's in Amsterdam in 1995. Two catalogues of the sale are included with this lot.

Tureen 22 x 23 x 14,5 cm, Largest dish 40 x 33 cm, Vase H ca 27 cm, Bottle H ca 24,5 cm

Largest platter in very good condition, some minor firing errors, smaller platter in very good condition, some firing errors, tureen lid with a chip, tureen in very good condition, some firing errors, bottle with three chips to the neck, vase in very good condition. No restorations to any of the pieces.

€ 1.000,00
€ 1.500,00