Lot 1571
Exclusive Jewels & Watches and Fine Silver | 23 June 2021
A collection of Dutch silver flatware "puntfilet"

All with engraved rooster. Comprising: six table spoons and forks with knives, six dessert spoons and forks with knives, eight fish forks and knives, maker Zilverfabriek Voorschoten, 1928, a potato spoon, two vegetable spoons, fish slice, two sauce spoons, two pickle forks, bread fork, fruit spoon, custard spoon, compote spoon, two butter knives, twelve cake forks, six small forks and six small cheese knives, a pair of salad servers. Majority of the flatware of van Kempen and Begeer, Voorschoten, 1971. 835/1000. Total weight, without knives, ca 3870 gram. Provenance: The Private Collection of silversmith and passionate collector G.R.J. Haentjes Dekker (1932-2011)

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Hamerprijs: € 1.700