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Exclusive Jewels & Watches and Fine Silver | 23 June 2021
A rare Dutch silver memorial medal

Oval with text carried by angels in sun rays: " Siet de Doot is een Inganck ten leven" above tomb with cartouche held by two angels with inscription: "Saligh sijn de Dooden die in de Heere sterven van nu aen Ja segt de Geest opdat U rusten moghen van haren arbeit" Apoc: 14 Cap" On the reverse a shield flanked by two skeletons and on top an angel bearing the inscription: "Dorothea Everwijn, Overleden Den 8 Dec 1670" around family crest of a boar. Apparently unmarked but inscription from the period of production. Size 6,5x6 cm. Weight ca 69 gram.

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