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Old Master Paintings, 19th Century & Early Modern Art | 26 May 2021
Wijnand Nuijen (1813-1839)

Children ready to go fishing near an old house

signed and dated 'WJJ Nuyen. Bz 1834' (lower right and reflected in the water)

oil on panel, 42x33,5 cm

-The Hague, Haags Gemeentemuseum, 'Wijnand Nuyen, 1813-1839: Romantische werken', 17 December 1977-12 February 1978, no. 22.

-John Sillevis and Nini Jonker, 'Wijnand Nuyen, 1813-1839: Romantische werken', The Hague 1977, ill. p. 61, no. 22.
-Pieter A. Scheen, 'Lexicon Nederlandse Beeldende Kunstenaars 1750-1880', The Hague 1981, ill. no. 182.

-With Kunsthandel W. Newman Ltd., London.
-With Kunsthandel Pieter A. Scheen, The Hague.

Wijnand Nuijen is probably one of the most noticeable romantics of the Netherlands. In contrast to his Dutch contemporaries, Nuijen mainly focused on the developments in romantic landscape painting in France and England. The similarities between his oeuvre and the work of Eugène Isabey (1803-1886) are remarkable. As with Isabey, Nuijen had the talent and ability to uplift reality with a fantasticalness. His style and compositions invoke in us a dreamlike quality. Despite the early recognition for his talent, the non-realistic character of Nuijen’s work and his non-conformist attitude was often criticized by the contemporary art critics.

Nuijen holds a unique position in Dutch nineteenth century art. As one of the most promising prodigies of the romantic school, his early demise at the age of 26-years leaves us with a sense of regret. One could only imagine the dazzling paintings this artistic genius could have produced. Due to his premature death, Nuijen left a selective but highly qualitative oeuvre, with the most important paintings already in the possession of museal collections. The appearance of two important works by Nuijen on the art market is extremely rare.

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