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[ROTTERDAM] – VOU, J. (Johannes) DE (ca. 1660-1707) & HOOGHE, R. (Romeyn) DE (1645-1708). “Rotterdam Met Al Syn Gebouwen Net Op Haer Maet Geteekent En Gesneden [..] A[nn]o. 1694 Door Joannes de Vou [..]”.

Large-sized etched & engraved bird’s-eye plan (printed on 6 attached leaves) with cartouche (incorporating a compass-rose) & legend (listing 94 items) in a FINE CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLOURING. Signed “Romanus De Hooghe”, monogrammed “JVD”, “et Corn R auctor” & dated “1694” in the plate (in lower right corner). (Publ. ca. 1694). Ca. 108 x 119,5 cm. (image) & ca. 110 x 121 cm. (leaves). Mounted onto a paper mount & framed (behind glass, ca. 144,5 x 153,5 cm.). – “ROTTERODAMUM”. Large-sized etched & engraved panoramic bird’s-eye view (printed on 5 attached leaves, partly numb. “12-14” in the plate) with cartouche in a FINE CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLOURING (the cartouche partly heightened with GOLD). (Publ. ca. 1694). Ca. 24,5 x 228 cm. (image). Mounted onto a paper mount & framed (behind glass, ca. 66 x 256 cm.). – “HET STADT-HUYS”/ “S LAURENS KERCK”/ “DE FRANSE KERCK”/ “DE PRINSE KERCK”/ “DE BEURSE”/ “DE MARCKT”/ “DE VISMARKT”/ “DE DOELEN”/ “T GEMEENELANDTS HUYS VAN SCHIELANDT”/ “T’ADMIRALITEYTS HOF”/ “T NIEUW HOOFT”/ “T’OUDE – HOOFT”. Collection of 12 etched & engraved views by Johannes de Vou, all in a FINE CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLOURING. All signed & lettered “A-M” in the plate. (Publ. ca. 1694). All views ca. 18 x 24 cm. & mounted onto a paper mount. Behind passepartout & uniformly framed (behind glass) in 7 frames (resp. 5x ca. 79,5 x 55,5 cm. & 2x ca. 40 x 46 cm.). – “D’DELFSCHE POORT”/ “DE BEURSE”. Two 18th-cent. handcol. engraved views by resp. Johan van der Spruyt (after Cornelis Notemans, publ. by Abraham Bothall, ca. 1783) & François van Bleyswijck (publ. ca. 1743). Resp. ca. 17,5 x 23 cm. & ca. 18 x 24 cm. Both mounted onto a paper mount & behind passepartout in 1 frame (behind glass, ca. 79,5 x 55,5 cm.). – [TOGETHER WITH:] The original BOOK-BINDING in large folio (ca. 57 x 45 cm., bound into 18th-cent. gilt mottled calf, both covers with triple gilt panels & central gilt COAT-OF-ARMS OF ROTTERDAM surrounded by triple gilt (floral) borders with gilt fleuron oblique in each corner of the inner panels, gilt ribbed spine with gilt fleuron in the compartments) in which the above-mentioned bird’s-eye plan, profile view & smaller views were published, comprising 2 letterpress title-leaves printed in red (“Caart Van De Stad Rotterdam, En Gezigt Langs De Maas, Benevens De Afbeeldingen Van De Voornaamste Publique Gebouwen” & “Namen En Wapens Der Edelen Groot Achtbaren Heeren Raden In De Vroedschap Der Stad Rotterdam, [..]”), 3 attached engravings forming the upper part of the wall-map (ca. 50 x 82,5 cm., numb. “2” & “4-5” in the plate, mounted on 1 blank leaf) dep. various coats-of-arms in a FINE CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLOURING, 92 cut-out engraved coats-of-arms (mainly ca. 11 x 8,5 cm., mounted onto 11 blank leaves) with Dutch caption (partly dated between 1698-1787 in the plate) in a FINE CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLOURING & 2 blank leaves with 35 FINELY HAND-DRAWN & HAND-PAINTED COATS-OF-ARMS with mounted letterpress captions (dated between 1669-1780) & 2 mounted letterpress titles printed in red (“Pensionarissen Der Stadt Rotterdam” & “Secretarissen Der Stadt Rotterdam”). – [AND:] COLLECTION of 36 engraved coats-of-arms (partly dated between 1710-1787 in the plate), all in a FINE CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLOURING. Various sizes (mainly ca. 11 x 8,5 cm.), all mounted onto a paper mount. Behind passepartout & uniformly framed (behind glass) in 6 frames (resp. 3x ca. 78,5 x 66 cm. & 3x ca. 40 x 63 cm.).

¶ Van ’t Hoff (De plattegronden van de stad Rotterdam in de 16de en 17de eeuw) 17. Landwehr (Romeyn de Hooghe the etcher) p. 365. Famous large-sized wall-map of Rotterdam (published in book-form around 1694) engraved by the Dutch print-maker Johannes de Vou (ca. 1660-1707) in co-operation with the Dutch print-maker Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) comprising i.a. a bird’s-eye plan, a profile view (seen from the river Maas) & 14 views of various buildings in Rotterdam (i.a. the “Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk” & the former town hall). ¶ Ad 1: With defects (horizontal & vertical folds (as publ.), several rubbed/ worn spots on folds (partly with loss of image), several small tears in the image & outer margin, occ. (sl.) creased, occ. sl. frayed in outer blank margin, small waterstain in lower right corner), but nevertheless in an acceptable condition (not examined out of frame). ¶ Ad 2: A few minor imperfections (several vertical folds (as publ.), occ. sl. soiled in outer margin, occ. sl. rubbed/ worn on folds), but nevertheless in good condition (not examined out of frame). ¶ Ad 3-4: Outer blank margins of all views cropped to the borderline, but nevertheless in good condition (not examined out of frame). ¶ Ad 5: With inscription “De Heer Vingerhoet” in pencil on first free end-paper, probably referring to the Dutch lawyer Herman Vingerhoed (1697-1762) or his son Jacob Herman Vingerhoed (born in 1730, Dutch lawyer) of whom 2 engraved coats-of-arms are present (resp. dated “1735” & “1768” in the plate). – Binding with defects (spine-ends dam./ chipped, corners partly dam., binding partly rubbed/ worn, 1 title-leaf loose & partly dam. in outer blank margin, both paste-downs & free end-papers sl. marg. waterstained).

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