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Arts of the East: Asian Ceramics & Works of Art | 24 June 2021
A Ming bronze figure of a Luohan

Ming Dynasty, (1368-1644), China

A remarkable bronze figure of a Luohan (the eighteen original followers of Buddha). This one seated and draped over an old wooden velvet covered pedestal stand while resting his left arm on a small table. (the stand of later date than the bronze, probably 20th century).

The hight is 44 cm, including the socle (wooden base), and without the socle it is 40.5 cm (just the bronze figure).

A few small damaged areas (see close-up photos). General wear from age. The green velvet covered stand with wear and fading.

€ 3.000,00
€ 5.000,00
€ 62.000,00

Hamerprijs: € 62.000