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Post-War & Contemporary Art | 28 April 2021
Man Ray (1890-1976)

Le faux pas (The Misstep)

signed and dated 'man Ray 63' and titled (on the reverse)

readymade (a turned over metal egg basket), in the artist's frame, 57x48 cm

Arturo Schwarz, Milan.

Literature: -J. H. Martin, R. Krauss and B. Hermann, 'Man Ray - Objets de mon affection, sculptures et objets, catalogue raisonné', Paris 1983, p. 155, cat. no. 148.
-A. Schwarz, 'Man Ray, the rigor of imagination', London 1977, pp. 148/164, cat. no. 261, illustrated in black and white on p. 148.

-Drachten, Museum Smallingerland, 'Man Ray. Dada is mijn natuur', 10 April - 7 June 1998, cat. no. 5 (illustrated in colour on p. 23 of the exhibition catalogue). -Utrecht, Centraal Museum, 'Surreële Werelden', 15 February - 9 June 2014. -Drachten, Museum Dr8888, 'Man Ray. Holland Dada and the international context', 23 April 2016 - 18 September 2016, cat. no. 140 (illustrated in colour on p. 140 of the exhibition catalogue).

This piece ties in with Man Ray’s older objets trouvés. Man Ray was obsessed with the spiral as a basic pattern found in nature (e.g. seashells). Spirals can also be seen in this flattened egg basket. The artist found the object, driven over by a car, on a Parisian street in 1963. The key of a sardine can serves as a hook for mounting the object

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.

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