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Old Master Paintings, 19th Century & Early Modern Art | 26 May 2021
George Hendrik Breitner (1857-1923)

'Waspitten', Nieuwendijk or Kalverstraat, Amsterdam

signed 'G H Breitner' (lower left)

watercolour on paper, 64x38 cm

-RKD images, photo no. 0155726 (Whereabouts unknown).

‘Le peintre du peuple’

Breitner is known for capturing everyday life: ‘I myself, I will paint the people on the streets and in the houses, the buildings and houses they have built, particularly life itself ’.

The figures in Breitner’s paintings and watercolours that rush through the streets of Amsterdam are women of a certain type, ‘Jordaanse’ as Breitner would call them 'they may not be equally attractive to everyone, but their character is undeniably their own’.

Breitner often provided his female figures with rough, primitive facial features which suited well with his unpolished way of working.
Breitner photographed, drew, painted and watercoloured women many times, showing his predilection for ‘Amsterdam girls’ such as the lowly coffee pickers, factory workers and servants was very clearly shown. This preference for the day-to-day life reflected also in his choice of types of people and was what he had in common with van Gogh and with whom he had already begun to paint "folk types" in his days in The Hague.

In the watercolour offered here, we see this preference for the day-today and the common man convincingly reflected.

Source: R. Bergsma and P. Hefting, ‘George Hendrik Breitner 1857-1923: Schilderijen, tekeningen, foto’s’, Bussum 1994.

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