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Tapio Wirkkala (1915-1985) for Venini

Two 'Bolle' vases, ca. 1960/70's, Italy

A pair of two-colour glass vases from the 'Bolle' series, executed by Venini in Murano (Venice, Italy). The Bolle series was conceived in 1966, using the difficult 'incalmo' technique where two separate blown glass parts are fused together. The combination of amber and green (as in one of these vases) is one of the rarer colourways in this series. Both vases signed on the base 'Venini Italia TW'.

H ca. 19,5 cm

The glass of both vases is in good condtion: no chips, no cracks and no restoration. No scratches except for the usual wear from standing. The inside of the vases do show age accumulated dirt and residue, micro-organisms (molds) and the red vase also shows (in a few places) a pattern of small drops (probably old water staining) but this inside residue is not too detracting and can probably be cleaned, at least to an extent.

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