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Charles Sayers (1901-1943)

Een portret van Joan Mary Rijkee

gesigneerd en gedateerd 'Ch. Sayers / '38' (rechtsboven)

olieverf op doek, 40x30 cm (met lijst: 54x44 cm)

Conditie: enkele craquelé, verder goed

Ms. Joan Mary Rijkee (Sumatra 1930 - Arnhem 2019) was a grandchild of Mr. John Theodoor Petrus Blumberger (Semarang 1873 - 's-Gravenhage 1961), assistent-resident of Soerakarta. Blumberger wrote several books, among which the article 'Raden Saleh als portret schilder' in the magazine 'Nederlandsch-Indië Oud en Nieuw', begin 1920s.
She was the daughter of Johan Willem Rijkee (Weltevreden 1901 - Batavia 1942), who died during an inspection trip as a tax inspector. He was also a meritorious painter and very good friends with Charles Sayers: they often painted together. This is how Sayers made this portrait of Joan, daughter of his friend Johan Rijkee, when she was eight years old.

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