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Indonesian Art Sale | 8 September 2021
Johann Anton Willebrord von Stein (1886-1965)

'Sumatra Java Rotterdamsche Lloyd'

signed 'V,STEIN' (upper right corner) and 'LANGCAT BUSSUM' (lower right) and 'NED. OCTROOI AANVR. NO. 58378' (lower left).

Art Deco enamel advertising sign Rotterdamsche Lloyd, 96x62 cm. Executed by enamel factory Langcat, Bussum, the Netherlands, 1930s. Excellent condition: a few enamel chips along the sides and slight bend in the right top hand corner but absolutely no repairs or restoration, no touch-ups or any other enhancements. Completely original and untouched.

Johann von Stein (1896–1965), poster designer, painter

The illustration was also made as a poster and is considered to be one of the most beautiful naval posters of its time. This enamel version in such superb condition is extremely rare. The Art Deco style and geometric layout of the vertical and horizontal lines command attention: the viewer looks out from the mainland, cast in shadow, at the ship, a majestic giant rising up from the sea, glittering white in the tropical sun. The oceanic giant appears even larger due to its reflection on the smooth surface of the water. The Rotterdamsche Lloyd shipping line’s ship was named after the Baluran volcano on East Java. The Interbellum saw intensive traffic between the Netherlands and the now-former colony. Passengers would have been pampered on floating palaces such as the MS Baloeran, including by indigenous servants . In 1940, the Baloeran was confiscated by the Nazis, who used it as a hospital ship and renamed it ‘Strassburg’. In 1943, it was torpedoed by the English. It still lies at the bottom of the sea, 1.3 miles north of IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

Frans Leidelmeijer

Hardstone sculpture above the main entrance of the Lloyd Building dated 1932 at Korte Vijverberg 5 in The Hague. The statue is that of a distinguished Javanese woman looking into the horizon and holding a ship in her left hand; she is a creation of the artist H.A. van den Eynde (1869-1939). The statue symbolises "the Call of the East’ (‘Insulinde’s roepende stem’). Many travellers to the Dutch Indies or ‘Indiëgangers’ booked their passage from here. This former office of the shipping company Rotterdamsche Lloyd is now known as 'The House of Europe'

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