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Exclusive Jewels & Watches and Fine Silver | 23 June 2021
A Dutch silver chocolate pot

Plain rectangular with floral border above small beaded border. This border has the French influence of for example the silversmith Biennais who made silver for Napoleon. During the Kingdom of Holland Carrenhof started with this populair design of border. With wood geometric handle, detachable cover with bun finial for stirring the chocolate and flowing detachable cover. Maker I.H. Carrenhof, Kingdom of Holland, Amsterdam, 1809-1810. With retailers' mark of Diemont, Amsterdam. H ca 23.5 cm. Total weight 608 gram. -See: De werkmeesters van Bennewitz en Bonebakker, Barend J. van Benthem, Zwolle 2005 page 220 en 222 and 232-234. Special thanks to Barend van Benthem for some extra information.

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