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[CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY] – [PLUTARCHUS]. Ploutarchou Chaironeos ta sozomena syngrammata [=printed in Greek characters]. Plvtarchi Chaeronensis quae extant opera, Cum Latina interpretatione.

Ex vetustis codicibus plurima nunc primùm emendata sunt, [..]. [Edited by H. Stephanus]. [Vol. I-III]. – Plvtarchi Chaeronensis Opvscvla varia: quae magna ex parte sunt philosophica: Vulgò autem Moralia opuscula nimis angusta appellatione vocantur [..]. [Edited by H. Stephanus]. [Vol. I-III]. – Ploutarchou tou Chaironeos Parallela, e Bioi paralleloi [=printed in Greek characters]. Plvtarchi Chaeronensis Parallela, seu Vitae parallelae. Id est, Vitae Illvstrivm virorum, [..]. [Vol. I-III]. – Plvtarchi Chaeronensis Parallela, seu Vitae parallelae. Id est, Vitae Illvstrivm virorum, quos binos quasi paria composuit. Sev, Vitae Comparatae [..]. [Edited by H. Cruserius]. [Vol. I-III]. – Plvtarchi Vitarvm Comparatarvm appendix: complectens & ipsa Vitas excellentium quorundam imperatorum, [..]. [Geneva], “excudebat Henr. Stephanus [=H. Estienne]”, 1572. 13 Vols. With 2 ident. woodcut printer’s marks. 8vo (ca. 16 x 19 cm.), later uniform gilt panelled brown morocco with gilt floral border around sides & gilt fleuron oblique in each corner of inner panel, gilt ribbed spine with 2 contrasting morocco letterpieces (listing “Plutarchi Moralia Graece I-III”, “Plutarchi Moralia Latine I-III”, “Plutarchi Vitae Graece I-III”, “Plutarchi Vitae Latine I-III” & “Appendix”), all edges gilt. (13x)

¶ Schreiber (The Estiennes) 179. Adams P1607. Dibdin II, pp. 336-337. Hoffmann III, pp. 171-173. Brunet IV, 733. Graesse V, p. 354. First edition (“editio princeps”) of Plutarch’s collected works (comprising ca. 8.500 text-pages incl. extensive indexes) printed & edited by the French classical scholar Henri Estienne (=Henricus Stephanus, ca. 1528-1598) comprising “Moralia” (3 vols. with Greek text & 3 vols. with Latin translation) & “Vitae parallelae” (3 vols. with Greek text & 3 vols. with Latin translation by Hermannus Cruserius) together with the very rare supplementary thirteenth volume (“Plutarchi Vitarum comparatarum Appendix”). ¶ Ex bibliotheca PHILIPS VAN MARNIX VAN SINT ALDEGONDE (1540-1598, Dutch theologian & statesman) with his owner’s entry (“Ph: Marnixij S. Aldegondenij”) in black ink on title of vol. I & on half-title of vols. II-III with the Greek text of “Vitae parallelae” (resp. “Ph. Marnixij Sancto Aldegondij” & “Ph: Marnixius Sancto Aldegondius”). Ex bibliotheca Theodorus Janssonius van Almeloveen (1657-1712, Dutch physician) with his owner’s entry in black ink in upper right corner of title of vol. I (partly cropped). According to annotations in black ink on first free end-paper of vol. I other previous owners of this set were the famous book collectors Anthony Askew (1722-1774, English physician) & possibly Pietro Antonio Bolongaro Crevenna (1736-1792, Italian-Dutch tobacco manufacturer). ¶ Five vols. (marg.) waterstained (throughout), a few vols. with underlinings & annotations in Greek or Latin in black ink in outer blank margins (partly erased), a few vols. partly foxed/ browned, but nevertheless an attractively bound set in good condition.

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