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PERELLE, G. (Gabriel) (1604-1677). Collection of 18 17th-cent. etchings & engravings (depicting various river landscapes).

Signed “Perelle” in the plate (14x). Published in Paris by “Pierre Mariette” (13x). Various sizes. (18x)

¶ Le Blanc III, pp. 168-169. Nice collection of 18 17th-cent. oblong prints by the French engraver Gabriel Perelle (1604-1677), mainly published by the French print-maker Pierre Mariette I (1596-1657) and/or his son Pierre Mariette II (1634-1716). – Partly with small defects (outer blank margins cropped to the borderline, upper right corner of one engraving torn off, occ. sl. soiled/ stained), but nevertheless in an acceptable condition.

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