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BREBIETTE, P. (Pierre) (ca. 1598-1642). (Bacchanals). Complete set of 12 17th-cent. etchings (dep. various scenes with Bacchantes, Putti & Satyrs).

All signed “P. Brebiette fecit [in roma]” & numbered “1-12” in the plate (in lower margin). Published by F.L.D. Ciartres [=François Langlois, 1589-1647]. All ca. 7 x 25 cm. (image) & ca. 13,5 x 32,5 cm. (leaf). – And 1 similar series of 17th-cent. etchings by PIERRE BREBIETTE (ca. 1598-1642), all ca. 7,5 x 16 cm. (image) & ca. 11 x 27,5 cm. (leaf). (18x)

¶ Ad 1: Le Blanc I, pp. 513-514. Cf. Thieme/ Becker IV, p. 558. Very rare complete set of 12 etchings by the French artist & print-maker Pierre Brebiette (ca. 1598-1642) depicting various mythological scenes (in the form of friezes) with dancing Bacchantes, Putti & Satyrs making offerings. One etching (no. 1) with erased name of the French publisher “P[ierre] Mariette le fils” [=Pierre Mariette II, 1634-1716] in lower left corner of the plate. – A few minor imperfections (all etchings with 2 tiny perforations in outer left blank margin (caused by a former cotton thread), one etching (no. 1) sl. soiled in outer blank margins, one etching (no. 4) with small brown spot in the image, a few leaves sl. frayed in outer blank margin, occ. sl. foxed/ browned), but nevertheless in good condition (printed with wide margins).

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