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Online Only Fine Art, Books & Prints | 2 November 2020
[NATURAL HISTORY] – COLLECTION of ca. 230 17th-cent. engravings (dep. various birds, fish, insects, mammals & reptiles),

all taken from J. JONSTON, “Naeukeurige Beschryving Van de Natuur der Vier-Voetige Dieren, Vissen En Bloedlooze Water-Dieren, Vogelen, Kronkel-Dieren, Slangen en Draken. [Dutch transl. by M. Grausius]” (Amsterdam, J.J. Schipper, 1660). All leaves ca. 30 x 18 cm., tipped onto cardboard mounts & loosely inserted in a possibly 17th-cent. carved oak chest (ca. 49 x 27 x 21 cm.). (ca. 230x)

¶ Cf. Nissen (ZBI) 2136. Collection of ca. 230 engraved illustrations for a 17th-cent. Dutch translation by Matthias Graus of a Latin work by the Polish scholar John Jonston (1603-1675). – Partly with defects (sold with all faults, not subject to return).

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